T-Scan: Contactless Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanning for Australian Early Childcare and Education

Technology as a Service

T-Scan’s Technology as a Service allows you to implement sophisticated Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanning technology for as little as $95/mth.

Technology as a Service solutions incorporate managed installation, support, maintenance and warranty provisions throughout your finance term and give you the flexibility to upgrade your system at any time.

Capital Investment

For businesses that prefer to pay up-front for technology purchases, we offer affordable Capex packages that incorporate managed installation, support, maintenance and warranty provisions for durations to suit your risk profile.

Extended warranties are available to give you the confidence that your system will serve you for many years to come.

Complex Installations

T-Scan’s modular approach gives us the capacity to support large-scale installations involving multiple products that need to ‘talk’ to each other and with your existing infrastructure.

Our REST API and Wiegand support allows us to integrate with your security platforms and we work seamlessly with your team to get you the result you need.

What Our Clients Say

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Rapid Scanning Keeps us Running Smoothly

"The reading is done quickly so there is no delay for entry into the different areas of our facilities, overall this has contributed to keeping our business running as smoothly as possible during these challenging new times."

Jenny Cook Cook Medical Product Reviewed: Temperature Scanner

Perfect for the Entertainment Industry

"The equipment was exactly what we needed and exceeded our expectations, we recommend this product to any entertainment production that employs staff on a short term basis.”

Ross Allsop Endemol Shine Australia Product Reviewed: Temperature Scanner

Moving Away from Pin Codes

"We replaced our pin code and biometric touchpad systems with T-Scan's full-face recognition suite and automated temperature scanning system. This instils confidence with our clients that we are taking all measures to improve safety and help speed up entry and exit."

Nick Harmony Early Learning Journey Product Reviewed: The Guardian

Improving our National Quality Standard Rating

"Thanks to the Guardian Entrance System we have been able to lift our National Quality Standard Rating for Children's Health and Safety. The team were very accommodating with the installation even during COVID lockdowns and border restrictions. Thank you T-Scan!"

Caitlin Rainbow Station Product Reviewed: The Guardian

Focusing on Health and Security

"Our families love that we are using the latest technology to help with today's health concerns and strengthening our security by identifying everyone who enters our centres."

Nabeel Happy Hearts Product Reviewed: The Guardian

Mask Detection Matters

"Being able to identify parents while they are wearing masks and not providing access to our centres unless they are wearing one helps ensure that we are following government and industry guidelines and providing the best service to our centre families."

Yahya Kids Early Learning Centres Product Reviewed: T-Scan Express

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